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Alternative Breaks: A Glimpse of Homelessness

A resource to support the education efforts for those people participating in an Alternative Break trip at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

Trip Description

This immersion experience will allow participants to hear personal stories from men living without a home and experience that reality for a short time. Participants will live as an individual experiencing homelessness, while coming to understand the struggles, adversities, and generosity found on the streets. Additionally participants will work with a local organization helping people overcome homelessness through a warm meal and other practical assistance.

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Veronika is a designer and entrepreneur creating crazy post apocalyptic gear to help inspire pride within the homeless and help their livelihood. She is the founder of The Empowerment Plan, a company that employs the homeless and the inventor of the Element S, a coat which is self heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night.

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