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Diversity and Multicultural Resources: Race Card Project

Research resources covering diversity including socioeconomic, political, psychological, and cultural experiences and positions between and among individuals and groups.

Race Card Project Information


Xavier Race Card Project

Monday, Feb. 11 - Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019
CLC 3rd Floor Atrium or Online


Michele Norris (NPR News Correspondent) created an exercise that encourages people to share their thoughts, perspectives, experiences, triumphs, laments, questions, hopes or observations about race.  However, there is a hitch. Individuals have to condense their thoughts to one sentence, and that sentence can only have six words.  View the Race Card Project here.

Be a part of The Race Card Project at Xavier University

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are encouraged to join in a conversation about race, ethnicity or identity using just six words. The collection of anonymous, candid submissions will be on display in the Library CLC 3rd Floor atrium and online submissions displayed here

Make Your Race Card (two options)

Race Cards can be thoughtful, funny, heartbreaking, brave, teeming with anger and shimmering with hope. Some make you smile. Others might make you squirm.

The intention is to use these cards to get a peek at honest views about Race at Xavier, so we must try to honor those people who offer up candor, even if what they share is unsavory or unacceptable in some people’s eyes.

Race Card Project Online Submissions

Xavier Race Card Project Online Responses

Race Card Project Wall