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Tips and Tricks for setting up and using Turnitin in Canvas

How to Add a TII Assignment to a Course

How to view Originality Reports

FAQ's for TII

Creating a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas

Please note that enabling Turnitin for any assignment in Canvas will also allow students to view their originality reports.

Go to Assignments  > Add an Assignment

Give the Assignment a Name, Due Date, and Points Value. Then click on more options.

On the next screen toggle the Submission dropdown to Online Submission.

Check the boxes for “Allow File Uploads” and “Enable Turnitin Assignment Evaluations.” Then on the link for Advanced Settings under this menu, select when you want the students to be able to see their originality report, what resources you want the submissions  to be compared against and what items to exclude.

Select any other desired options and click Submit to create the assignment.


Viewing the Originality Report

Go to Assignments and click on the assignment. Then click on Speed Grader.

On the far right under Submitted Files (click to load) will be a link with the document and a % matching that is highlighted. This will open the Originality Report

A pop-up window will appear that provides a brief video tutorial you can watch if desired. You can also just click "don't show this again" and/or Close to navigate away from this window.

Then you will see the originality report on the right with any matches listed and the corresponding content highlighted in the paper on the left.

To get more information on a match, click on its URL. Then you can page through the matches and see the corresponding content in the display window.

Please note that the GradeMark and PeerMark tools that are part of the Turnitin suite are not available in Canvas but the links still display. For grading we recommend using SpeedGrader and for peer reviewing activities, Canvas' native peer reviewing tool.

Canvas Manuals - SpeedGrader and Peer Review

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